The best tech suitcases for travel

Fitted with clever tools for smooth transit, smart suitcases are fast becoming our most trustworthy travel companions.

In the past, embarking on a transoceanic trip would require cumbersome, adventure-proof luggage. Passengers would travel with trunks, vanity cases and hatboxes, far exceeding the 50lb weight limit enforced by most airlines today. Clearly, a lot has changed since then and the bags we see gliding through departure lounges aren’t only lighter but brighter too, marrying smart solutions for common travel dilemmas with sleek design.

Raden’s A22 suitcase comes with an app that pairs with your phone to inform you if you’ve exceeded the weight restriction: a handy tool dreamt up by founder and CEO Josh Udashkin. After two years of non-stop business travel, Udashkin was motivated to create a suitcase that outperformed what was available on the market. Constructed out of light-yet-durable Makrolon Polycarbonate, Raden cases come in a rainbow of color options.

Like Udashkin, Away founders Jen Rubio and Steph Korey, took lessons from their own traveling experiences to help solve potential transit woes. Away’s luggage packs a punchy piece of technology to ease one of the most common travel gripes, incorporating a built-in power source for recharging phone batteries. Solving problems before they arise, an ingenious compression pad eliminates the need to reach for the in-room trouser press. And if you’re tight on storage back at base camp, the Away bags nest neatly inside each other for maximum space efficiency.

Rimowa, a stalwart name on the suitcase scene, recently launched its Electronic Tag range. Each case is embedded with an E Ink display, which allows passengers to check in their luggage without having to physically go to a counter, with the help of Bluetooth technology. 

So sit back and relax; with these smart solutions on board, traveling has never been a more efficient process.


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