Mona Worried that handbag you’ve been lusting over for weeks will go on sale the moment you leave for vacation? Fear no more. The Mona app acts as your own pocket personal shopper, providing tailored recommendations and alerts for only your favorite brands and styles.

Google Translate

Google Translate What sets this app apart from its URL counterpart is that it can use your smartphone’s camera to translate printed text in 26 languages. Simply align the words within the frame and watch as it instantly translates. Added bonus: Download language packs for when you’re on the road.


Touchnote Snap happy on vacation? Send the results as a postcard rather than a charmless iMessage. Touchnote creates cards from your photos and delivers them worldwide. You don’t even need an address book; it will hunt down Facebook contacts’ postal addresses for you.

Radio Lab

Lounge Buddy Luxe airport lounge access isn’t just for those turning left. LoungeBuddy gives you access to airport lounges worldwide. Fill out your profile with any elite status, existing memberships and credit cards, along with your itinerary, the app does the rest.


Periscope Periscope is a live video streaming app that allows real-time sharing of your most awe-inspiring travel experiences. Perhaps the closest thing yet to teleportation, now you can take friends and family with you as you soar in a hot air balloon or get lost in a never-ending sunset.

Conrad Concierge

Conrad Concierge Our app gives you the freedom to customize the details of your stay both before and during your visit. Whether it’s booking a spa treatment, ordering dinner or planning your destination discovery with Conrad 1/3/5, enjoy personalized luxury that’s truly yours.

Make your next adventure plain sailing while injecting a dose of virtual inspiration into your travels. There’s an app for that, you ask? Yes, there is…
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Digital Conrad Concierge and Complimentary Wi-Fi* when you book at
*Standard Wi-Fi is free. Premium (if available) has a fee. Not free at properties with a resort charge