Mona Worried that handbag you’ve been lusting over for weeks will go on sale the moment you leave for vacation? Fear no more. The Mona app acts as your own pocket personal shopper, providing tailored recommendations and alerts for only your favorite brands and styles.

H8 wireless headphones by BeoPlay

H8 wireless headphones by BeoPlay BeoPlay H8 wireless headphones are one of the lightest in their class, giving you optimal on-ear comfort as well as incredible sound on the go. $499.00 bang-olufsen.com


99% INVISIBLE Describing itself as a “tiny radio show about design, architecture, and the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world,” this weekly podcast is small but intellectually mighty.


FREAKONOMICS RADIO Revealing ‘the hidden side of everything,’ these suave economists and behavioral experts take a sideways view on questions like “Do More Expensive Wines Taste Better?”   


MONOCLE The London-based current affairs, culture and style experts give us their daily updates on the global news agenda, with special programs examining subjects such as “Entrepreneurs” as well as recommendations for novels.

Radio Lab

Radio lab Weaving ‘real life’ stories and science into intriguing music-rich documentaries, each episode of radio lab is an investigation of people and experiences, centered on ‘one big idea.’

This American life

This American life Compulsive listening that hooks up to 2.2 million listeners a week. There is a theme to each episode, giving listeners touching, humorous and often unexpected vignettes of life in America.

Clever, informative and never less than stimulating, these podcasts make excellent travel companions. Rack up a few episodes to make even long-haul flights entertaining.
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Digital Conrad Concierge and Complimentary Wi-Fi* when you book at conradhotels.com
*Standard Wi-Fi is free. Premium (if available) has a fee. Not free at properties with a resort charge