Inspiring Art Destinations Around the World

Experience world-class, inspiring art without leaving the hotel — or, in some cases, your room — at select properties with on-site galleries.

In fact, each hotel is an art destination unto itself, featuring an unrivaled array of contemporary and modern masterpieces. Discover how to enjoy an artful stay, whether you’re traveling for business or leisure or both.


For a premier art experience, proceed to Conrad Indianapolis, where works of local Indy artists mingle with the likes of Miro and Picasso.

In the style of a gallery, the property features revolving exhibitions, allowing for a remarkable viewing each visit. Its preeminent display — works of an internationally recognized artist (like Andy Warhol) — rotates four times a year in the lobby.

“Guests love it,” says Conrad Indianapolis’ Zachary Lockett. “You can have a close, intimate relationship with the art that you can’t experience at a museum.”

Fancy spending the night with your favorite painter? Conrad’s Collection Suites — Pop, Modernism, Contemporary and Surrealism — are meant for the passionate art lover who wants nothing more than to wake up surrounded by masterpieces. These one-of-a-kind suites are carefully curated and designed with the art in mind. The Surrealism Suite, for example, boasts no less than five original Dalis.

Art from the Contemporary (left) and Modernism (right) suites at Conrad Indianapolis

To elevate your experience, book an Art Ambassador for a private tour. These highly trained team members are educated about the artists’ backgrounds and the inspiration for their work.

Moreover, the renowned Long-Sharp Gallery (located within the hotel) unveils new exhibitions every six to eight weeks. Check the dates of your stay in advance — Conrad Indianapolis hosts opening-night receptions and First Friday events where you can join the celebration.

Book one of the Collection Suites at Conrad Indianapolis for an elevated art experience.


With over 2,000 works of art on display, Conrad New York Downtown is much more than just a hotel — it’s a complete immersion in world-class art. The biggest challenge you’ll face is deciding which of these contemporary masterpieces to contemplate. If you only have an hour, general manager Marlene Poynder recommends beginning at the monumental Loopy Doopy in the lobby and exploring the rest of the cutting-edge artwork on the same level. Unquestionably the pièce de résistance, Loopy Doopy, is a soaring 100-by-80-foot wall drawing from legendary conceptual artist Sol LeWitt. Rising 13 stories above the atrium level, the jaw-dropping piece was produced in sections at a warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and then packed, shipped and installed in the hotel.

The Loopy Doopy at Conrad New York Downtown

Next, don’t miss Pat Steir’s expansive Topsy Turvy, which showcases ribbons of gem-toned paint flowing down from the top of the wall and up from the bottom over an understated grid, set off by a brilliant yellow background. Any hidden gems? Poynder’s favorite is Tourist 4 by Julian Opie on the first floor by the entry. “The striking black and white piece is dynamic and visually interesting,” she says. “It captivates onlookers and encompasses our destination nicely.”

When it’s time for happy hour during the warmer months (or even before then!), make your way to the eponymously named Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar for the hotel’s refreshing Ice Pops cocktail, inspired by Sol LeWitt’s artwork. The bar’s goal was to create something striking and powerful, with flavors that compete for dominance, mimicking the blue and purple lines of the painting. Sip the current fan favorite — the Strawberry Lavender Rose Poptail — while enjoying sweeping views of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor.

Signature poptails from the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar at Conrad New York Downtown

Reserve your suite at Conrad New York Downtown for a world-class art immersion.


Conrad London St. James features a spectacular living gallery of artwork, influenced by the hotel’s prominent position near Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. A leisurely stroll through the collection presents you with a quick primer on Britain’s political and cultural history — all without ever setting foot outdoors.

Alongside the unique selection of art on display is The Ladder to Bronze by Tom Clark, a powerful work centered in the luminous lobby. The piece represents power in the hands of the people and the need for individuals to use politics to climb their way up to success, referencing the hotel’s proximity to the decision makers.

The Blue Boar restaurant features two striking works by Aga Maria Pasternak. The larger painting features a hall of fame of 650 Westminster faces. “I was preoccupied with the idea of making private biography public,” Pasternak has said. “I do not paint people as they are. I paint them as I feel them to be. This is my private investigation into their character and personality.”

Equanimous 1 by Chris Levine (left) and The Ladder to Bronze by Tom Clark (right) at Conrad London St. James

And what capital experience would be complete without a sighting of the queen? Adjacent to the reception desk, you will find Chris Levine’s extraordinary holographic portrait of her majesty, Equanimous 1, part of the Lightness of Being Collection. Levine employed a high-resolution digital camera moving along a rail, taking 200 images over eight seconds, as well as a 3D data scanner and a medium-format camera to create this mesmerizing likeness of the monarch. Required to sit still for eight seconds at a time, the queen closed her eyes to rest between camera passes; Levine snapped the shutter to capture her meditative state in this ethereal artwork.

Book your stay at Conrad London St. James to enjoy a capital art experience.


Steeped in the natural surroundings and history of Portugal, the art at Conrad Algarve plays an important role in the hotel’s culture. Consultant Art Catto commissioned tailor-made works from a local collective to reflect the artisanal skill of Portuguese craftsmen.

“The pieces of artwork are a testimony to local culture, gastronomy and Algarvian coastal produce,” says Katharina Schlaipfer, general manager. The interior emphasizes a modern and fresh aesthetic with a focus on open spaces and natural light.

Situated at the entrance to the Gusto by Heinz Beck Restaurant & Bar is the iconic Sardines, a hand-forged metal sculpture synonymous with traditional Portuguese cuisine. Savory grilled sardines, often served on thick country bread, are a regional favorite. Exquisite detail in the sculpture’s scales evoke fish shimmering in the sea under the brilliant sunlight.

The Sardines sculpture at Conrad Algarve

At the conference center, hand-forged steel filigrees of fig leaves, indigenous to Algarve, line the corridors. They feature a controlled oxidized finish for a distinctive, organic effect. Also look out for the floral sculptures that re-create a rare flower, Tuberaria Major, discovered on the site where the hotel is now built, enhancing the connection between the exterior landscape and stylish interior.

Plan your stay at Conrad Algarve to discover the Portuguese art scene.

No matter your destination, Conrad Hotels & Resorts boasts inspiring art around the globe.


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