Part Balkan and part Mediterranean, fizzing with energy and dynamism, Istanbul is an ancient hub with a youthful buzz and sophisticated tastes. We asked six plugged-in local entrepreneurs to try and narrow their city down to their favorite experiences to help you make the very most of the options, however much time you have at your disposal. Unsurprisingly, for such a food-obsessed city, most of their tips revolve around eating. And, also unsurprisingly for locals of a city that embraces the bountiful Bosphorus strait, they often focus their attentions on the water. Perched as it is overlooking the city, catching cool breezes from its lofty position in Besiktas, Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus is perfectly placed for making the most of its surrounding embarrassment of riches. As our insiders reveal, sometimes the simplest pleasures are the ones to be most prized.


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