Artful Arrivals: Must-See Hotels from D.C. to Guangzhou

Each of these Conrad properties boasts a singular masterwork of art, prominently installed in a prime viewing position in the lobby. A resounding hit with guests and passersby alike, these pieces par excellence reflect the local culture while seamlessly meshing with each hotel’s design aesthetic.


Leda and the Swan at Conrad New York Midtown

Leda and the Swan at Conrad New York Midtown

Step into the lobby of Conrad New York Midtown and prepare to be wowed by the new Leda and the Swan sculpture, a compositional tour de force now on permanent display. “We wanted a show-stopping piece for our hotel lobby that could serve as the hallmark of our curated art program, one that was inspired by our city and neighborhood, given our proximity to the Museum of Art and Design, as well as the Museum of Modern Art,” says Robert H. Rechtermann, general manager.

The hotel commissioned New York–based artist Carole A. Feuerman, a founding member of the 1970s Hyperrealism movement, to create the remarkably detailed and lifelike contemporary sculpture. Inspired by the Greek myth, Feuerman’s iconic depiction turns the tale on its head, with Leda asserting her feminine dominance over Zeus. In the original story, Zeus transforms into a swan and seduces Leda. Feuerman’s modern-day version depicts Leda instead turning Zeus into a swan and riding victoriously on his back.

“Leda symbolizes female power and the ability to understand and use her true femininity to her advantage,” Feuerman says.

To achieve the incredible level of detail, she applied hundreds of layers of paint to portray the sculpture’s lifelike skin tone, finished with 24-karat gold leaf and Swarovski crystals to represent Leda’s invincibility.

Book your stay at Conrad New York Midtown to witness the lifelike Leda and the Swan.


The Moonlight Pendant at Conrad Washington, DC

The Moonlight Pendant at Conrad Washington, DC

Guests staying at the new Conrad Washington, DC, can go to bed with the moon and wake up with the sun, courtesy of the spectacularly custom-built Moonlight Pendant in the lobby. Programmed to the time of the day and the day of the year by an astronomical clock, the fixture’s lighting, color and intensity changes continuously throughout the day and night.

“Just about everyone who sees the Moonlight Pendant for the first time is completely awe-inspired,” says Laura Schofield, general manager. “Because you can’t see it from the street level, it is truly an unexpected surprise that guests are delighted to experience once they check into reception.”

It’s no surprise that the atrium has become the most popular place to take photos in the hotel. With the pendant’s gradual transition of light and the sky peering through the circular skylights above it, no two photos are ever the same.

Reserve your stay at Conrad Washington, DC to experience the changing reflections of the Moonlight Pendant.


Dios at Conrad Cartagena

Dios at Conrad Cartagena

The Caribbean port city of Cartagena continues to delight visitors with its rich and varied cultural diversity. As such, Conrad Cartagena’s preeminent artwork bridges the gap between the property’s architecture and the authenticity of the local culture, achieving true aesthetic harmony.

Dios highlights both the roots of Cartagena and the rich history of the region. The compelling bronze sculpture in the lobby unveils a local fisherman standing in the center of his canoe, flanked by trees indigenous to the region, Bursera simaruba. Today, these same fishermen can still be seen along the waters of Cartagena.

“The piece itself represents the country’s unique culture,” says Stephane Mercier, general manager. “It’s something you will only experience when you visit Cartagena.”

Don’t miss the Dios sculpture when you stay at Conrad Cartagena.


The Thread of Life at Conrad Bengaluru

The Thread of Life at Conrad Bengaluru

If pink is the navy blue of India, then The Thread of Life at Conrad Bengaluru is a fitting tribute to the country’s tradition of vibrancy. A glorious fusion of color and texture, the 3-D wall installation in the lobby pays homage to local history and culture while also providing a visual feast for the senses.

The state of Karnataka (formerly known as Mysore State), headquartered by Bengaluru, produces nearly 45% of India’s mulberry silk. Thus, the intricate threadwork showcased in the art represents the renowned Mysore silk, and the handcrafted artwork is a natural fit for the hotel. Further, this same silk is used to create beautifully embellished saris—the quintessential mode of dress for Indian women.

“We believe that each guest at the hotel should not just check in, but should be welcomed home,” says Srijan Vadhera, general manager. “This is much like the woman of the house in Indian culture, who promises to spread the light and warmth of hospitality.”

Book your stay at Conrad Bengaluru to discover the vibrancy of The Thread of Life.


The Glass Staircase at Conrad Guangzhou

The Glass Staircase at Conrad Guangzhou

East meets West at Conrad Guangzhou, blending historic architectural elements with a modern perspective. Spiraling dramatically upward through the lobby is the site’s crown jewel, a bespoke Glass Staircase installation.

Traditional mansions found in the wealthy local enclave of Xiguan inspire the hotel’s overall design. The spellbinding staircase gives a nod to classic Manchuria windows typical of these luxurious residences, but with a fresh contemporary twist. Each glass panel captures natural sunlight while simultaneously dispersing light from the LED-embedded frame, bathing the lobby in a warm ambient glow.

An earthen yellow color scheme features prominently in the customized installation, symbolizing neutrality and good luck. “It’s an eye-catching piece of art that enhances our Xiguan mansion-style property,” says Ken Chow, general manager, who adds that the magnificent piece offers a pleasant benefit to guests: calming weary eyes and refreshing tired minds. After a long day in the bustling, fast-paced metropolis of Guangzhou, that’s no small feat.

Reserve your stay at Conrad Guangzhou to be awe-inspired by the Glass Staircase.

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