Paula Reed, the globe-trotting creative director of online luxury shopping hub, tells Conrad Magazine where she goes and what she does to rest, relax and stay on top of her game.
What kind of travel does your role entail?
I travel regularly to Munich, and at least twice a year to Milan, Paris and New York, the fashion capitals, which are also among my favorite cities in the world.

What helps you relax and sleep when you’re away from home?
Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works is always part of my travel kit.

What’s the first thing you do after you check in to a hotel room?
I check out the bathroom and get all my products out. I used to travel light. Now I travel heavy: bubble-baths, facemasks, eye treatments—the lot. Hotel bathrooms are the only places I get to play princess these days.

What’s the key to dressing elegantly out of a suitcase for weeks on end?
The weather usually foxes me! My fallback items are tailored pieces: I hate fussy layering. A couple of great dresses (Prada or Dolce & Gabbana), a sharp jacket, and some easy trousers are all you need. The weight penalty happens when you add accessories, but I never have enough shoes and a couple of pieces of statement jewelry dress up the simplest things. My favorite right now is my Céline chain cuff.

What do you do to stay street-style camera-ready?
You have to be pretty motivated to join the throngs chasing the limelight at fashion shows these days. If I have to, I find a big smile usually works.

How do you stay connected to your home life when you’re on the road?
I have pictures of my children and my dog and I Facetime and Skype.

Is there anywhere that you still dream of visiting for work?
I am planning a research trip to Japan later this year. I’ve been to Tokyo once and am longing to go back.

How do you switch off on holiday?
I read. I load up my Kindle and can sit for hours engrossed in a really good book.

What would be your ideal holiday?
A gulet cruise of the gorgeous Turkish coast.

What is the best way to get to know somewhere new?
Make friends with the concierge and get some local insider tips.

How distinct is your holiday style from your professional style?
On holiday I am totally relaxed and happy to watch the world go by. I get some of my best ideas that way. I love long lunches, afternoon naps and endless dinners. And a morning swim in the sea has got to be the best therapy ever.

What are your holiday wardrobe essentials?
Orlebar Brown shorts, Ancient Greek sandals, and lots of James Perse T-shirts.

What’s your favorite holiday treat?
Day drinking and sleeping!

Is there anything that you do on holiday that you would never do at home?
Yes, schedule a relaxing massage.

How easy do you find it to keep work and holiday separate?
I find it extremely easy. Luckily, a lot of the fashion industry take holidays at the same time. If you are smart, you can plan some proper quiet time. Unfortunately, very few jobs are not 24/7 now, but it’s important to take time out.

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