Get ready to go wireless with hearables; the NEXT-GENERATION earphones that are so much more than music-blasting headphones
Let’s say you’re in Mexico, and you can’t speak a word of Spanish, yet with the help of two earbuds, you and the locals are able to converse with ease. It may sound like something out of a science-fiction movie, but it’s a soon-to-be reality thanks to the world’s first language-translating earpiece: The Pilot by Waverly Labs. This and many other smart, seamless and adaptable ear accessories, aka hearables, are on the cusp of dominating the wearables market. Get ready to say goodbye to bulky wrist accessories and cumbersome displays, and hello to a new generation of beautifully designed lifestyle-enhancing tech.

You’ll be hearing a lot about hearables this year; in fact, industry insiders are touting them as the tech product of 2017. Hearables are wireless ear accessories designed to make your life easier. Apple helped to cement the rise of the hearables market with the announcement of the removal of the audio jack from the iPhone 7. Soon, it will be all about going wireless, and Samsung, Bose and Jabra are stepping up their offerings with hybrid products that include fitness tracking and coaching.


Here One™ earbuds and packaging

One of the biggest and most-hyped releases so far this year is Doppler Labs’ wireless Here One™, which adds augmented audio and noise canceling to voice assistants and music. There are also products that integrate AI and learn your habits over time, and devices which enable ‘super hearing’ for hard-of-hearing patients that also listen to our biometrics and respond to brainwaves.

Let’s also not forget the millennial and Generation Z consumers, who are undoubtedly the future of wearables. Products such as the i.am+ Buttons generate hype via their celebrity and influencer following, including the likes of Kendall Jenner. Her most recent ear-accessory-emblazoned Instagram post garnered over two million likes. What is especially great about these products is they are aesthetically on point, and blend trend with function. Either way, what is abundantly clear is that hearable technology works for all age groups, so prepare yourself to go wireless.


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