Celebrity chef Joe Barza adds an Arabian-Mediterranean touch and a healthy dose of culinary rebellion to Conrad Cairo’s Oak Grill
Why does hummus have to be made with tahini? What if we use zaatar instead?” questions Joe Barza, a chef who has earned the nickname ‘Rebel Chef’ for his daring takes on traditional Lebanese cuisine. The multi-award-winning chef brought his 25 years of experience to Conrad Cairo’s OAK Grill, where he is working closely with chef Khaled Mohamady and his dedicated team to create a revolutionary new menu.

Chef Barza maintains a ‘back to the roots’ mentality, which sees him stay true to and respectful of traditional, local Lebanese ingredients, while tweaking recipes with alternative ingredients inspired by European creativity and savoir faire. The result is a mastering of the fusion between tradition and innovation, and between East and West.

The fruits of Joe Barza and Khaled Mohamady’s collaboration include Fattoush with Grilled Halloumi, Bourghul with OAK Smoked Chicken, Osmaliya Halloumi Sticks, OAK Smoked Sea Bass Shawarma, Duo of OAK Smoked Duck and Chicken Breasts, and Chocolate Halawa.

“Arabian cuisine, especially Lebanese, has always been and will remain my passion. We have a wealthy heritage of mouth-watering dishes that we should celebrate and develop for the whole world to experience,” Chef Barza says of his excitement in joining the Conrad culinary empire. “I’m thrilled to join OAK Grill’s team. Conrad Cairo is one of the city’s leading luxury hotels, which makes it a perfect spot for luxurious Lebanese delights.”

Chef Barza is in good company in his new post, alongside Khaled Mohamady who is himself a veteran chef and who holds one gold medal and two bronze awards from the Egyptian Chef Association. He says “OAK Grill brings the finest culinary innovations to Cairo, and Chef Barza’s new creations are sure to revolutionize the way we prepare and present
Lebanese cuisine.”



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