Paradise has a new address in Manila

Set sail for Conrad Manila’s presidentially appointed, elegantly nautical interiors.

In only a short time since opening, Conrad Manila has become an architectural icon in the flourishing Manila Bay complex. Styled as a homage to the cruise liners that languidly traverse the coastline, the hotel is an elegant nod to the nautical.

While the hotel’s facade channels all the grace and forward momentum of a passenger ship, the interiors—characterized by broad corridors, curving walls and marine-themed art—pay tribute to the unique interaction between land and water right on Conrad Manila’s doorstep. It seems fitting then that the interiors of the Presidential Suite­—dubbed the hotel’s ‘crown jewel’—should so closely resemble those of an exclusive super yacht. Organic lines and rounded forms give the space a fluidity to rival Manila Bay, while high-gloss timber and polished-metal finishes exude a seafaring slickness. The hotel’s prime guest room covers a little over 1,100 square meters, with a little less than half of it within four walls, and it’s from the sprawling deck that guests nab front-row seats to one of the Philippines’ capital charms: the sunset over Manila Bay. This part of the city rarely slows down, except for this spectacular sky show, so guests occupying the Presidential Suite are encouraged to join city residents in their collective pause along Roxas Boulevard and drink in the pastel colors from the top deck.

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