Three Unique Cultural Experiences in Turkey, Egypt and Mexico

Enjoy inspiring cultural experiences in Istanbul, Cairo and San Luis Potosi.

Istanbul: Savor a Meal Fit for a Sultan

At the sultan’s palace in Istanbul, an army of chefs created lavish dishes that blended savory and sweet flavors, such as vine leaves bursting with cherries, and stuffed melon, a classic Turkish dish brimming with ground beef, currants, pistachios and almonds.

Turkey is known for Ottoman cuisine, which incorporates tastes and techniques from across the empire’s vast sphere of influence, which stretched from southeastern Europe to North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula at its peak in the early- to mid-1500s.

Vine leaves with cherries

Vine leaves with cherries at Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine

Today, you can learn to cook this rich cuisine during a half-day course at Deraliye restaurant, known for offering dishes once served at the court of the Ottoman Empire. Deraliye now collaborates with Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus to arrange this culinary experience at the elegant eatery in the city’s historic Sultanahmet district.

Afterward, spend the rest of the day touring nearby Topkapı Palace, where these delicacies were originally served.

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Cairo: Tour of the Bent Pyramid

For the first time in more than a half-century, the Bent Pyramid has reopened to the public. Visitors can view mummies, masks and tools uncovered during recent archaeological excavations, as well as traverse a narrow tunnel to reach two chambers deep inside the structure.

The modern name “Bent” comes from its unusual sides, which rise up at two different angles. The midway shift adjusts for the soft, silty clay it was built on. Thanks to the unique polished-limestone exterior, it’s one of the best-preserved pyramids in Egypt.

The Bent Pyramid

The Bent Pyramid outside Cairo, Egypt

Built for the pharaoh Snefru and known by the ancient Egyptians as “The Southern Shining Pyramid,” the 4,600-year-old burial structure lies just south of Cairo.

Book a tour through your Conrad Cairo concierge who can arrange the 60- to 90-minute drive to Dahshur, the royal necropolis where the pyramid is located. The best time to visit is early in the day during the week (Sunday through Thursday).

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San Luis Potosi: Explore Traditional Colorful Crafts

Designing the garment, dying the threads, creating the patterns and handweaving the rebozo. To experience the creative process for making these handwoven cloths—traditionally worn as shawls or used as blankets—travel to the town of Santa Maria del Rio, known as “the cradle of the rebozo,” just an hour’s drive east of San Luis Potosi.

“Santa Maria del Rio has many beautifully renovated old buildings, including the town church and the Franciscan convent, which are both definitely worth visiting while in this picturesque town,” says Claudia Mendieta, chief concierge at Conrad San Luis Potosi, who can arrange your tour.

Santa Maria del Rio

The picturesque town of Santa Maria del Rio

Handicraft shops tempt visitors with inlaid wooden boxes, baskets crafted from reeds, ixtle-fiber flowers, woven sombreros and, of course, vibrant rebozos to take home.

Recently, a new museum opened dedicated to the rebozo, Casa del Rebozo, where you can learn the clothing’s history and its importance as a Mexican garment, as well as watch artisans at work.

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