UP your Insta-Game

Here, two uber-influencers give us a glimpse behind-the-scenes of their runaway-successful Instagram accounts, and reveal the latest tech that helps them create those stunning shots that keep their followers coming back for more.

The finest travel photography transports you across continents in an instant, unveiling hidden treasures and helping you to see world-famous sights from a fresh perspective. And few do it better than Instagram uber-influencers Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen. The duo document their international adventures in highly-original style and their commitment to creating timeless photographs—minimally saturated and worlds apart from typical tourist snapshots—has amassed a combined following of close to 2 million fans.


The secret to their success? Aside from their exceptional photography skills, the pair prides themselves on their originality. In a time when 80 million images are uploaded to Instagram every day, Jack and Lauren stand out from the square by constantly seeking the unknown. When they are faced with a famed landmark, they go the extra mile to find a new perspective, whether that be sharing pizza in front of the Coliseum or taking to the river to shoot the Taj Mahal from behind. (Top tip: morning and late afternoon offer the most Insta-friendly lighting.)


Aquatech Elite 5D III Underwater Sport Housing


Canon 5D Mark III camera.


ProMaster XC525C tripod.

Where tech is concerned, step away from the smartphone. Both swear by their Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR cameras and rely on three lenses. “A 24-70mm 2.8 serves as a good all-rounder,” reveals Lauren. “We use specialized housing for underwater shots, which not only protects the camera but also leaves an unusual dome effect on the final image.” Photos are then transferred onto their computers, processed through Adobe Lightroom and, if needed, tweaked on Photoshop, before being AirDropped to their phones for the final upload.

“We love the experience,” Jack explains. “We embrace the unknown and just see what happens next.” And when shots like these are the results, they won’t be the only ones watching.




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