According to the experts at aromatherapy associates, there are multiple scientific reasons why this delicately beautiful yet powerful plant has such enduring therapeutic appeal.
Rose oil has long been revered for its restorative and therapeutic skincare capabilities, refusing to be toppled from its throne by more trendy, exotic-sounding beauty ingredients. So what exactly is it that fortifies this delicate flower to overcome its competitors and remain at the heart of the most popular treatments at Conrad Hotels & Resorts’ spas?

“Rose is brilliant at improving capillary circulation, which assists the natural process of skin-cell renewal,” explains Aromatherapy Associates founder Geraldine Howard, who works closely with Conrad Hotels & Resorts’ spas in developing their treatments. “This in turn helps to slow down the aging process. At the same time, rose oil is deeply nourishing, so imparts a radiant glow. It has the most beautiful fragrance which is very uplifting and makes it a joy to use.”

The unique scent of rose is key to its enduring appeal. It soothes the mind and harmonizes the senses, alleviating anxiety, stress and tension, making these rose-petal-based treatments the perfect choice for tired travelers in need of a break from a busy schedule.

Rose oil’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties mean that it can be used on the most sensitive skins and as an effective remedy for irritations caused by changes in environment. Of course, the quality of rose oil used in treatment products is important, and the sourcing of superior roses is something that Aromatherapy Associates takes very seriously.


“Alpine rose stem cells rebuild the telomeres, protect the skin barrier and boost epidermal regeneration, making the skin more resistant to stresses.”


“We have searched all over the world to discover the highest quality ingredients, and we harvest our rose essential oil from Damask and Centifolia species,” discloses Howard. “The products are hand-blended in our UK laboratory and we exercise stringent quality control throughout the process during harvesting and distillation. The oils are extracted using traditional methods only and we have traceability right back to the farmer.”

The roses used in Aromatherapy Associates’ formulations are grown avoiding the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides, which means the surrounding environment is left unscarred. Aside from guilt-alleviating eco-credentials, this also creates a more powerful product: because the plant has to work harder to develop it results in higher levels of active ingredients and more potent-smelling oils.

Combining traditional rose treatments with cutting-edge science, the Rose Infinity Facial incorporates Nobel Prize winning research into ‘telomere technology’. Telomeres are strands inside deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) chromosomes that get shorter each time a cell divides. Once telomeres become too short, the cell can no longer divide and becomes inactive. This shortening is accelerated by environmental and stress factors leading to the degeneration of skin tissue and visible signs of aging. “In the Infinity range, Alpine rose stem cells are combined with soy and yeast proteins in a formula that rebuilds the telomeres, protects the skin barrier and boosts epidermal regeneration, by making skin more resistant to environmental stresses,” states Howard.

Conrad Hotels & Resorts’ spas offer a range of Aromatherapy Associates rose-based therapies that are perfect for revitalizing travelers. From restorative facials to rejuvenating full-body treatments and relaxing foot massages, experienced spa therapists will be delighted to advise on a pick-me-up tailored to meet your individual needs on your next visit.

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